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The Top Rated SureCloud Alternative

Trusted by 12000+ people across 3000+ companies 



SureCloud's third-party risk management tool is used by a range of businesses, however, that doesn’t mean it’s right for everyone.

SureCloud works well as an internal GRC tool, however, CISOs across the world see Risk Ledger as a better alternative to help them gain a real-time, comprehensive understanding of their third-party security.



Point in time vs continuous assessment

SureCloud operates a point-in-time questionnaire system. The main issue with this is the security questionnaire is only relevant for that moment, anything can change over the following months and as soon as it does, the information is incorrect.

Risk Ledger continuously assesses your vendors' security. If a supplier increases its security or no longer reaches your requirements you’ll be notified. This allows you to see the state of play for all your suppliers’ internal security controls, lifting the lid on cybersecurity risk.

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Supplier engagement

Many organisations moved from SureCloud to Risk Ledger as they struggled to get their suppliers to engage with the tool.

Risk Ledger works like a social network for security and is built to maximise supplier engagement. Last quarter we had over 80% of our suppliers actively using the platform.

A suppliers profile can be used for multiple clients, this encourages suppliers to keep it up to date. In addition, we have a dedicated customer success team who ensures that vendors are using the platform.

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 SureCloud sells itself as plug in and play solution however, it still needs to be configured. You'll need to decide on question sets and process flow which could take months to implement before you get started.

Risk Ledger is a true plug in and play solution. You can connect to your supplier base in 5 minutes. Simply open the platform and quickly connect to the 3000+ organisations that are already on our system to see their internal security.

 Supplier not using Risk Ledger? Put in the email address of your main contact and we’ll do the rest, it takes us on average 10 working days to onboard a supplier!


Ability to visualise beyond third parties

You’ve got suppliers. Your suppliers also have suppliers as well as other clients. In our network visualisation graph, we automatically map the connections across your third parties, fourth parties and nth parties.

Risk Ledger is the only platform on the market that has the ability to visually map out the connections between your extended supply chain. This has allowed clients like the NHS to effortlessly identify and mitigate concentration risks in real-time.


Communicate and remediate in real-time

The static nature of SureCloud means that following up with queries or remediating an ongoing situation becomes incredibly difficult.

If you have a question about anything to do with your suppliers’ security all you have to do is open the discussion panel and leave your question. Your query will be sent directly to the person responsible.

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